Hi I'm
Jaclyn Hughes


I help moms navigating challenging seasons, BREAKTHROUGH BURNOUT & TAP IN to their Next Level Selves to create calm & confidence amidst chaos. 



Meet Jaclyn


I've made it my mission to empower moms of high-demand little ones navigating high-demand seasons to unleash their inner strength & resilience, transcend challenges, & embrace a life of imbalance, with purpose, health, and joy.

I'm Jaclyn- a wellness, mindset, & resiliency coach for high achieving burnt out mamas. I can help you because I've been there. My  passion stems from my own INTIMATE understanding & journey of navigating life as a military spouse solo parenting 3 little ones through multiple deployments, miscarriages, pregnancies, diagnosis of our daughter with special needs, & the unimaginable plot twists of life along the way, ALL WHILE simultaneously growing my social selling business from home to over 6 figures.

Combined with my experience as a former Trauma Surgical ICU nurse & yoga instructor + my decade of coaching moms just like you in my wellness communities, I am uniquely qualified to help YOU transform into the Next Level  version of you, so you feel calm & confident no matter what chaos comes your way.


How Can I Help You?


Whether you're wanting to work on your wellness, mindset, or even partner to grow your own personal brand I have the tools and experience to meet you where you are and take it to the Next Level.

Here are just a few ways we can embark on the journey together...


My 1:1 & group coaching is designed to help you accelerate  your growth by getting right to the heart of where you are now & where you want to be. My courses give you access to my proven framework & tools, & working alongside 1:1 or in a  group coaching container gives you guided hands on experience mastering the Next Level Framework in your life.   



If you're looking to once and for all feel in complete alignment with your body, have energy to keep up with your kids, sleep well, ignite your libido, feel toned, confident & sexy in your own skin, never opt out of an opportunity to get in a swim suit & be in the picture (not hiding behind your kiddos), AND you want to achieve it in a way that is simple & sustainable, that allows you flexibility to eat foods you love & ENJOY your life... Then my wellness membership is for you!!! 



What if you could earn income from home by being dedicated to your own wellness journey & sharing the transformative tools that are helping you along the way? You CAN!! The Made for More collective is a partnership opportunity, where I guide you through the process of starting & growing your own social selling business, lead life changing wellness communities, & step into your personal power to create supplemental income for your family. 


I Would Love To Connect!

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