To get started in my Virtual Wellness Studio, you will need to purchase one of the starter packs listed below - fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will send you a direct link to order.

All the packs come with the same workouts, nutrition program and supplements that I have used for the past several years! All of our products are all-natural, with no fillers, no GMOs, and nothing artificial!


Your Choice:  ANNUAL or MONTHLY

 ANNUAL - $199 is a one-time purchase to get access to my virtual wellness studio for a year. You can order more supplements separately as needed.

MONTHLY - The $99 is a monthly cost to remain in my virtual wellness studio and keep your access to BODi.  If you cancel or delay your order, you will be removed from the group.  Note: this Pack can only be purchased by non-BODi members.

Reach out if you have any questions! 


STEP ONE: Choose Your BODi Pack Supplements


Shakeology helps me SO much with cravings and doubles as my multivitamin. 

Performance: Pre & Post workout. Energize is amazing & gives me the energy for my workouts each day and hands down is the best one I have ever used over the years. I also love Recover because it's an amazing protein supplement + and has added BCAAs to help your muscles recover faster.

Hydrate: Clean electrolyte drink!

STEP TWO: Choose Your Enrollment

I'd start with BODi partner - if you fall in love with the products (which most people do) you can earn $ by sharing them with your friends. Once you enroll, I will add you to my teams page to teach you how to make links that you can share.


Fill out this form with your package of choice! If you already have BOD, please select the closest package to what you want and I will send the correct package for you!